At Vox Mobile, 'Happy Customers' is not just a slogan - it’s why we exist. It inspires us, humbles us, and challenges us in all that we do: to build the best products, to deliver over-the-top service, and to make you successful.



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“The best low-code platform on the market.”

One of the most transformative products for technology dependent businesses in years!

Vox Mobile allows me to focus on what I love which is solving business problems for my clients.

Love Vox Mobile, and I will never want to develop again in a non-low-code environment.

I have more than 20 years of system analysis and it's definitely the most powerful tool that I ever seen.

This is a paradigm-changing technology.

I don't know if building a mobile app will get any simpler.

Very good rapid web & mobile applications development platform.

Vox Mobile- Mobile Apps - the way it should be done.

“Mobile app development with Vox Mobile is truly amazing.”

“Faster development without sacrificing quality.”

Speed of development on Vox Mobile helped with time to market in ways that were not possible with traditional coding languages.

Vox Mobile has enabled us to rapidly test new application needs, as well as rollout mobile and web apps in weeks vs years with a single developer.

The blinding speed in which an idea can become a reality.

“Vox Mobile took our application ideas and gave us the platform to make them a reality.”

“In 18 months, we have modernized our production suite of applications and enabled the Business to enter the 'Cloud Age.' We have leapfrogged our competitors.”Love Vox Mobile, and I will never want to develop again in a non-low-code environment.

“Complete legacy portal replacement in 3 months!!!”

“Easy to learn, quick to integrate.”

Speed of development and ease of integration with existing platforms. As someone who has spent a career in IT, but never been a 'developer', I was able to create a fairly complex application that seamlessly integrates with our existing databases.

Build fast and immediately visualize what was developed, with an easy deployment from dev to prod with full control to integrate with any system.

The services team are very knowledgeable and friendly. The software is the best there is in the space.

Vox Mobile has been a great partner. The software is phenomenal and so are the people.

Vox Mobile - High quality product backed by High Quality/Driven Employees.

The Vox Mobile community is also very good.

Investing in Vox Mobile is definitely worth it. The team is extremely helpful and the possibilities are endless.

“Product is great and service is awesome!”

“It's very easy to learn Vox Mobile.”

Extremely happy with the entire application lifecycle and how much thought was put into making each piece more efficient.

The speed to productivity. We have had developers with no experience able to be productive within a few weeks.

I love the way the product supports Agile development. This encourages (mandates) high business involvement and fast results. No more submarines.

We are always able to deliver applications for our business rapidly. Easy to train development team. One common development process for our business.

Where Vox mobile makes the difference is even beyond application development, because supports the entire application lifecycle, making it easy for teams to deploy, manage and operate up to hundreds of different apps.

As an experienced developer, it doesn't hold you back though, you can do almost everything you could also do by handcrafting C# or JavaScript.

I also love that the Platform outputs C# or Java and uses MSSQL and Oracle instead of using proprietary stuff, so it scales easily by using conventional server configurations.

You think you are going to hit a developmental wall - I have talked to many customers of Vox Mobile who have been using it for years, and I simply have not found anyone that will say they have found that wall.

“Development time has been reduced dramatically, but our developers maintain the same level of control over applications' capabilities.”


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